She will ultimately leave the marriage if you’ve given away your power and your balls.

Our women need us to own ourselves. They need us to own our balls and our masculine power.

They need to be able to see our vulnerability and feel that our heart is open and that we aren’t stuck in our heads.

They need to know that we have chosen to grow and are fully aligned with our passion and purpose.

They don’t want to be the man in the relationship. They don’t want to have control, but they won’t give it up until they can feel your authentic, non-alpha masculine power.

They don’t want us to turn into pleasers and yes monsters. It destroys the attraction and intimacy.

They don’t want to have to make the decisions. They want to be able to let go and soften into the fullness of their femininity.

They want to trust us. They want us to be the captain of the ship. They want to open their hearts and reveal it to us. But they won’t until we are 100% committed to growing our masculine presence and leadership.

They know we can’t do it alone. They know we need a brotherhood of men to challenge and hold us accountable to our greatness.

They think it’s the sexiest thing in the world when we’ve become decisive and disciplined >> and have chosen to grow ourselves and accept the responsibility of our true greatness.

They want to be fully claimed and ravished. They want to feel your core masculine power. They want to feel wanted. They want to feel we will love them today, tomorrow and for eternity.

They don’t want to leave!

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