What to Expect on Your Man On FIRE Discovery Call

“The work with David cracked me open, and got me out of my head and feeling again. I was millimeters from a heart attack and not being here anymore.”
“I had everything materialistic, the house, cars, money, and family. From the outside looking in, I was happy, successful and had it all. On the inside I was miserable. I was carrying shame and guilt and felt like a fraud. I was headed down a dark path of self-destruction. The work with David cracked me open and allowed me to feel again and release all my stuff. Without this, I would’ve never been able to live a fulfilling life.”

– Lee

“I got my balls back, I got my power back, and I got my marriage back! My wife calls me her king now.”

“After the [Man On FIRE] Weekend Immersion, I confronted what I was hiding from. I sat down with my wife and took full responsibility of where I dropped standard in our marriage. I watched her melt before my eyes and it was beautiful. Our marriage is on FIRE! I couldn’t have done it without David and the Man On FIRE brotherhood. I needed to be challenged and held accountable to my true potential.”

– Antonio

“Man On FIRE got me to take my balls back, helped me own my voice and helped me give up being a pleaser. My sons now have a masculine role model.”
“Before the weekend I was more feminine and terrified to confront. I mastered biting my tongue and hiding. My ex cheated with a friend of mine and I never said a thing. After the weekend I had the courage to face them both and it felt liberating. I’m now confident and reclaimed my self-respect.”

– Jeff

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