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Discover the hidden, destructive, sabotaging patterns that are robbing you of FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT in life and your relationship.

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Discover the 3 destructive habits that drain your passion, make you feel empty inside and like you’re just going through the motions


Overcome your secret fear that keeps you stuck, making excuses and avoiding confronting what matters


Identify the toxic thinking that sabotages your success in your business and intimate relationship


Understand how to break free from the patterns that rob your joy and stunt your growth potential as a man


Get my proven formula to immediately unburden yourself and reconnect with the man you always knew you could be

Meet the Author, David Mehler
My mastery is in teaching men who are committed to being leaders, how to get out of their heads and end the patterns that have kept them feeling stuck, unfulfilled & like a fraud. My company Man On FIRE offers an unparalleled level of support, challenge & accountability calling men forward to Rise into being a Man On FIRE who reclaims his passion for life, owns his power and lives fully connected to his mission & purpose.

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