On the outside, it looks like your life checks every box. You have the business or the successful career. The car. The house. The respect among your friends and status in your community. Most of all, you have the amazing woman by your side.

But you know the truth: when you leave the office, you come home to a relationship that’s become strained. You feel like you do everything you can to meet her expectations, and it’s rarely ever enough. Every time you try to get closer, it seems like she pushes you away.

When you’re disconnected from your partner, every day feels like a struggle.

As your relationship stagnates, you feel:

Constantly anxious around her, maybe even walking on eggshells

Irritable and quick tempered
Criticized and worn down by the woman who used to be your biggest supporter
Bitter because you provide a great life… but she still isn’t happy
Confused about why she’s so cold, distant, and upset
Unsure of how you’re supposed to show up as A man and as HER man

Missing the old days when she couldn’t get enough of you

And you wonder what went wrong. What’s the piece that’s missing? Did she change… or did you?

No amount of success in the other areas of your life can make up for the biggest failure of all: the failure to build a partnership that’s playful, sexy, exciting, and grows more passionate every day.

If you ever find yourself asking if it’s even possible to inspire passion, respect, and trust in her, or if this is just “the way it is,” the Win With Your Wife workshop is your proven path toward becoming the man she craves, respects, and supports. A partner.

In this live training, you’ll:

It’s time for you to Win With Your Wife. Let me show you how.

When you Win With Your Wife, you’ll feel excited to come home to her at the end of the day. You’ll connect to her body, mind, and soul. You’ll own your role as the leader in the relationship, reignite the spark and chemistry, feel her love and support, and feel confident that you’re leading your family forward as a team… and each time you walk in the door, m… you’ll see that look in her eyes, the one you’ve been longing for.

In this live training, you’ll:

Discover WHY working your ass off, giving her everything she wants, and providing isn’t enough.

Get the proven strategies for exactly how to show up so that she feels safe to take down her walls, soften, & open her heart to you.

Uncover the #1 surprising way high achieving men sabotage their relationship and destroy intimacy – and what to do instead that will melt her heart and fortify your connection.

Learn the secret language of women and how to speak to her heart

Hear the secret thoughts and wishes that your woman is too scared to share with you, thanks to our guest speaker Kathleen Graham: the author of Chased & Cherished, the founder of Wild Woman in Love, and the amazing wife of Man On FIRE’S own David Mehler. Kathleen has been supporting men and women in creating joy and passion-filled relationships for over a decade — and she’s a force of nature who’s been supporting the Man on Fire brotherhood, rarely accessible unless you’re already a long term client!

Here’s what you need to know before attending


Win With Your Wife is a live virtual workshop. Join us from your home, your car, or your office – just make sure that wherever you are, you have a calm, private environment where you’re able to focus and share authentically in front of a group.



The workshop takes place on Wednesday, July 24 and Thursday, July 25. Remember that this is a live workshop, so you should set a reminder to make sure you arrive on time. Depending on your time zone, the workshop takes place from:











We begin right on time, so double-check your time zone and make sure you’re ready.

On Day 2, guest speaker Kathleen Graham joins us to answer your questions and share insights from a woman’s point of view.

As we conclude, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with mentors in the Man On FIRE community to seek guidance and advice on the next steps in your journey.

What you’ll need to bring:

A journal and something to write with. Win With Your Wife is a WORKshop, and in order to achieve change you must be able to play full-out. This means following exercises such as journaling, as well as your willingness to own up to your blind spots and commit to change and transformation.




“How to take down my wife’s walls and regain her respect and trust. She’s opened her heart to me again, and I finally feel like the confident masculine leader that my family deserves. I can’t thank David & the Team enough.”


“Not a week goes by that I don’t think about”

“And use the lessons I learned with MOF. I learned so much and am always able to apply that to real life challenges like beating stage 4 cancer and showing me the main path to have this amazing wife and life. I also now have my adult daughters back in my life in a loving, meaningful way! My life hasn’t ever been the same and I’ve never looked back. “



“The biggest difference in me is that I don’t shy away from challenges, I believe in myself. Part of that is that MOF helps you to see your own game, your own bullshit and lies you tell yourself but also your own beauty, strength, and power like I had never seen before. I know that I still have a lot of growth ahead of me and a lot of challenges to face but I can honestly say that I like myself for the first time ever.”



“The truth is I was with-holding love from her and wanting to leave. I wasn’t showing up for life and I felt like the walking dead. Coming to the one-day workshop changed so much for me and when I changed, my entire family changed. My entire family is happier, I can communicate better and I’m more calm and loving with my children. I learned that I was playing small and how not to take everything so personally. I now have a new awareness of the world and thank God everyday that I showed up to the event! ”


A Brotherhood of Leaders
Man On FIRE is a brotherhood of men who have stepped into their power and overcome self-limiting patterns that have left them feeling trapped in their relationships, trapped in their development, and trapped in their minds.

By creating a supportive environment where men are safe to confront the hurts of their past, take accountability for their mistakes, and drive their own growth, Man On FIRE empowers you to become…

A man that you can be proud of when you look in the mirror.

And a man that leads at work, in the community, and in his own home.

A man with a partner who supports, cherishes & respects him.

And most of all, a man that she loves and adores.

Man On FIRE Mentor

David Mehler

Meet Your Coach

David Mehler, the visionary behind Man On FIRE, has dedicated over 30 years to empowering men to shatter the chains of limitation and embrace their full potential. His unique blueprint for personal and relational success has transformed the lives of over 10,000 men, guiding them to create legacies of love, respect, and connection. He’s had the honor of supporting some of the best known names around the world, such as Tony Robbins, Hugh Jackman, Rhonda Byrne from the Secret, Brian Cox, Donna Karan & countless others. Through his unparalleled support, challenge, and accountability, David’s mentorship is not just about becoming a better man or a better partner, but becoming the best version of yourself – the one you were born to be.

Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 | [email protected]| 866.670.6665

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