Being Connected Body, Mind, and Soul

May 17, 2022 | Podcast

Episode Description:

(32 min 8 sec)

In the latest episode of The Man On FIRE Rising Podcast with David Mehler, our host wants listeners to get uncomfortable with some solid self-examination.

If you want to truly ignite the fire inside of you, you need to surrender by accepting all parts that make up your being. And that’s not easy, because so many men have built up a wall of lies, put on masks, and try to escape from the truth of their being instead of embracing it.

But if you want to be the man you are meant to be, you need to accept the three facets that make up your being: Body, mind, and soul. You need to take care of your body, from what you eat to your health. You have to become the master of your mind, because mental health and confidence is directly linked to your body, and will serve your heart and soul when it works for you. And you will have to acknowledge your connection to your soul – whatever that means for you – to see how everything that has affected you throughout your life allows you to bestow your personal gifts on others.

Are you ready to accept yourself and walk through the fire?



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