Episode Description:

(26 min 42 sec)

In the latest episode of The Man On FIRE Rising Podcast with David Mehler, he wants you to examine that fear that gets in the way of letting you live your life the way it’s meant to be.

What are those fears?

For most men, it’s rooted in a fear of failure – fearing that you’ll never succeed, so why bother starting? But if you want to overcome that fear, you need to hold yourself accountable and get out of your head. He’s talked about them before, those pirates that live in the mind and take control, impeding you at every juncture – they’re your fears manifested.

So, listen and learn what it’s gonna take to get you to truly step into your passion, power, and purpose. Will you make those pirates walk the plank? It’s time to own your fears, face them, and work with them to become that man on fire you’re meant to be!