Episode Description:

(25 min 16 sec)

So many men want a change, but so few of them know exactly what it is they want to change.

To grow and move forward with purpose, you need to have a clear, defined direction.

Giving yourself some vague platitudes as a plan like, “I want to feel better,” or “I want to make more money,” will ultimately amount to nothing.

In the latest episode of The Man On FIRE Rising Podcast with David Mehler, he gets direct: Make your goals as clear and detailed as possible if you want to accomplish them. Know exactly what steps you need to take, and what the final, crystal clear image is. If you want, say, “a happier relationship,” then define that! What does that even mean? Does that mean better sex? Taking regular trips? Spending more time with each other? Communicating more?

See? It’s too easy to give broad strokes answers. Listen in and let him tell you what it takes to refine your goals so you can actively put in the work instead of muddling around in complacency and uncertainty. You deserve better, but if you can’t define better, you won’t rise to it!