Can ONE Weekend Change Your Life?

Hey Brother,

Years ago I hit rock bottom.

My dad, who was my best friend and hero, had a progressive form of dementia and I had to make the gut-wrenching decision to put him into a nursing home.

Even though I knew in my heart it was the right decision I had so much guilt, shame, and anger at myself.

Why didn’t I access my potential where I could’ve afforded to keep his apartment and hired the best caregivers to keep him in his home that he worked so hard to have?

And at the same time, how was I facing a divorce?

We were together for 13 years and i loved her very much and thought I’d be with her forever. The next thing I knew, she’s having an affair.

I gave her everything! Jewelry, shoes, the car, you name it. I kept her smiling, laughing, safe and provided for.

How did this happen?!?

Was I missing or doing something wrong? Who can I talk to this about?

I was embarrassed and ashamed to share this.

So I did what most men would do.

I hid.

I disappeared to the bat-cave to tried to fix and solve it and kept it to myself.

I’m sure you can imagine how the story goes… a painful, heart-wrenching divorce.

A massive blow to my ego. My self-esteem and heart had been smashed into a million pieces.

I came from a broken family and swore I’d never get divorced.

So there was no more hiding. No more pretending. NO more fake smiles and head nodding that everything is good in my life.

The truth is, I hit the bottom. I was broken. I was in the abyss of the Bermuda Triangle. I lost my wife, I lost my dad and my business tanked.

I was in that place every man tries his best to avoid or hide. I was so rooted in wanting to be the rock for everyone and always appear to have it together.

As a man, we’re taught there’s no room to let our guard down, get vulnerable, and, God forbid, ask for help…

So instead we put on our game face and when asked ‘How are you?’, it’s the robotic response we all give: ‘Great!’ or ‘Living the Dream!’

There was only one problem…

When I looked at the man in the mirror, he didn’t look happy

“My Wife Felt Alone and Unseen. She would Cry Herself to Sleep at Night and I Would do Nothing” – Antonio

“It all comes from the heart” – ROY COCCIOLLO

You have two choices:

As clear as day, the voice tells me, “David, you have two choices: do nothing, stay in the pit and make your new identity ‘please feel sorry for me,’ or have the courage to discover how this all happened, take responsibility, go after the life you want and help others do the same.”

I chose the second option. I knew life passes by quickly and I didn’t want to take my last breath and have regret knowing I didn’t live up to my potential.

So I worked better myself and be the man I was born to be.


I learned to see my blind spots. 


I learned to see the hidden patterns I had that were sabotaging my life.


I learned why my wife cheated and what I could take responsibility for.


I learned why I wasn’t accessing my potential and what I can do about it.


For the first time in my life, I fully accepted help and support. I got the exact mentoring I needed.


I rebuilt my entire life.


I reclaimed my masculinity.


I reclaimed my passion, stepped into my power, and got reignited in my purpose.

In this new and upgraded version of myself, I attracted the love of my life who is my muse.

A woman I adore who inspires and motivates me to raise my standard and live into my potential.

“How Could I Build a $50 Million Dollar Company And Forget About My Wife?” – Michael Polito

We got married 7 years ago and
I couldn’t be happier!

Additionally, my ex-wife and I have restored the trust and she ended up giving me the greatest gift in the world…

She encouraged her husband to attend my Man On FIRE 4-day Immersion which helped me prepare him to be the man I was not able to be for her at that time of my life.

What in your life is screaming at you for a change and you know that you can no longer put it off?
How many of these describe you?
Feeling empty, numb, and robotic – like you’re just going through the motions
​Feeling unfulfilled, though your life looks good from the outside
​Frustrated, stuck, & blaming others because you’ve lost your drive & fire
Guilty from hiding the truth (if people knew how you really felt inside you might lose respect)
Under pressure to maintain this identity and who people expect you to be
Trapped and suffocated by unending responsibilities at home & work
Feeling like there’s more to life than this, but unsure how to get there
Feeling trapped at the job that built your lifestyle but it’s not your true purpose
​Trapped in the role of being the pleaser and you’ve lost your woman’s respect and your balls
The problem isn’t that a passionate life of fulfillment is only for the select lucky few.

Or that you have too many responsibilities that drag you down and leave no time for what you really want.

The problem is that you haven’t committed to truly stepping in and owning your life.

You haven’t made the unwavering decision to do whatever it takes to grow yourself as a man

You think fulfillment is something you can earn or achieve and it’s not.

Fulfillment comes from the courage to grow yourself and step into your full potential.

The biggest reason you’re unfulfilled is that you’re terrified to be vulnerable.

You’ll barely admit to yourself much less out loud what’s really going on.

You’re buying the societal story that to be a man you should be able to figure it out on your own and never need any help.

I’m telling you that’s BS; part of owning yourself as a man is having the humility to recognize when you need support and getting it.

You’re too to close to your problems to see what’s really going on.

You can’t see your own blind spots.

The best of the best, from athletes to actors and businessmen, all have one
thing in common.

They have mentors giving them objective feedback on the invisible patterns they have that’s been holding them back.

Mentors that help them grow, optimize and crush it!

Mentors to help them to get past their sabotaging ways and hold them fiercely accountable to the greatness they possess so their potential comes to life.

“I Found Feelings” Douglas Wenzel

The Time is Now to Get Yourself to a

Man On FIRE 4-day Immersion

Extraordinary results are to be expected. You’ll…
Break free of the prison, and unleash the lion that’s been trapped inside.
Find the courage to confront what you’ve been ignoring & hiding from.
Reclaim your core masculine and confidence.
Reclaim your decisiveness, drive, determination, and discipline.
Confront everything you’ve been avoiding from conversations to your marriage.
Get out of your head and start feeling again.
Discover how to save, and reignite your relationship, even if you think it’s to late.
Turn your past hurts into fuel for change and growth.
Reconnect to your passion and power.
Align with your true mission and purpose.
Our men have mastery in their lives and achieve these results by implementing our proven system that guarantees sustainable results. This is NOT just another personal growth weekend where 2 weeks later it’s back to your same old life with the same old problems.

This isn’t your typical seminar where you get bunch of information and don’t do anything with it. You’re not going to be in a room with 10,000 people.

It’s a small intimate event where you can’t hide in your cell phone or in the bathroom.

For the first time in your life, you will be SEEN.

It’s time to say “Enough!”

It’s time to draw a line in the sand.

It’s time to step forward and take back your life.

Reclaim your PASSION, PURPOSE, and POWER and become the Man On FIRE you were born to be!

What is the Man on FIRE Weekend?


​A game-changing 4 days with a brotherhood of men committed to changing their life

​A proven system to get back your passion, power, and purpose
​A discovery on how to break the habits that have kept you stuck and frustrated
​A safe forum for men to be raw, honest, and vulnerable with zero judgment
​A reclaiming of your balls, fierceness, courage and your life
​A peer group to finally be held accountable to the standard set by your soul
​A weekend where you’ll rediscover your courage and tap into unstoppable energy to set your life on fire
​An awakening of the FIRE inside of you to make unstoppable
If you could get what you wanted by doing what you’ve already been doing – you’d have it by now.

But you don’t. It’s time to look yourself in the mirror and get real.

No more lies. No more bullsh*it.

The Man On FIRE Weekend is NOT for everyone …

This is not the place for macho, king-of-the-alphas, false-bravado bs.

This is not sitting around a fireplace rubbing crystals for fairies and leprechauns to lead you to the pot of gold.

This is not something you buy your way through as another way to stroke your ego.

Writing a check alone won’t solve your problems.

My team and I are serious about weeding out those who won’t do the work or will be a distraction.

This program is NOT for you if…

​You know you need to change but are willing to put it off a little longer
​You truly believe you can get it done on your own
​You think you’ll get to this someday, but not now
You believe time and money are legitimate reasons for not taking action now
You think you need your partner’s permission
You think reading books and listening to tapes, CD’s and watching videos will get it done
You need to think about it (BS! You’ve been thinking about it every day, it’s time for action.)

You have to show up, for real, and do the work!

Your next step is to have a discussion with a coach on our team to determine whether we’re a fit. During this FREE 1:1 call with a member of the MOF team, expect to:
Uncover what you really want – personally, financially, and professionally
Get clarity on what’s been stopping you from having what you want
Illuminate the invisible blind spots that have been keeping you stuck
Recognize your roadblocks and how to shatter them to make you unstoppable
Map out a plan to show you how you can start making massive progress immediately
Learn the steps you need to take to reclaim your power and live with fulfillment
Get with the truth of what it really takes for you to RISE into your full potential as a man
Regardless of whether we decide to move forward together, I promise you will get something valuable from the call.

Every decision you make is either a step towards owning yourself and reaching your full potential… or acceptance and reinforcement of your status quo, pain, emptiness, and frustration.

It’s time to finally draw a line in the sand and take a fierce stand for what you deserve!

You and I both know you’re built for so much more than this!

It’s time for you to have the courage to grow yourself as a man so that you can have that fulfillment you deserve. If you’re serious about busting out of the rut you’re in and reaching your potential, there are some shifts you must make now.

– David Stapf

Rise with Passion, Power & Purpose

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